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North American Institute of Medical Herbalism

Editor: Medical Herbalism Journal


Author: Herban Legends blog, Books




Nur-Ashkii-Jerrahi Sufi Order
Wilderness Awareness School
Shakiri Tracking Guild
Colorado Front-Range Trackers
Council of Herbal Schools
Brotherhood of Light
National Association of Science Writers

Upcoming seminars

Rainforest Retreat: 7 Days in Old Growth Forest
Plant walks, vitalist practices, meditations, and spiritual visioning
July 5-11 (or weekend only, July 5-7), Rhododendron, OR
With Paul Bergner, Deborah Frances ND, and Tania Neubauer, ND.

Certificate for 32 hours of classroom and field education

Clinical Herbalism Training in Nicaragua
Spanish not required, previous experience not required
Medical Spanish training option available

Continuing education credits available

Lectures and Conferences                                                                                                                 

July 19-21. Montana Herb Gathering. Hot Springs, MT

August 9-11. Integrative Medicine for the Underserved. San Jose, CA

September 5-8. Breitenbush Herb Conference. Detroit Lakes, OR.

September 19-22. Herbal Resurgence Rondezvous. Mormon Lake, AZ.

October 11-13. Dandelion Seed Conference. Olympia, WA.

October 24-27. Herbalismo Medicinal Plant Festival. Austin, TX.

November 7-10. American Herbalists Guild. Bend, OR

November 15-17. Portland Plant Medicine Gathering. Portland, OR   

Feb-Mar 2014   Clinical Herbalism Training in Nicaragua


Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Boulder, CO

School of Traditional Western Herbalism, Portland OR

Pacific Rim College, Victoria, BC

Plant photography samples
Bosque del Apache, NM
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